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on June 9, 2012

Took the daughter to see Wicked today. It was feast for the eyes and ears. I realized that she had never been to a big theatre production before. She’s a busy girl, so we tend not to do things that require her to sit for any period of time, and she has had limited exposure to theatre.

But she’s very interested in theatre right now, so it seemed the right time. She has see “The Nutcracker”, of course, and several high school productions, but this was her first foray into a true, major production.

She was enthralled. Amazed. Completely glued to her chair (thank goodness). I’m not a huge theatre person (has always seemed a bit out of my price range as well) but I am always so thrilled when I see a live performance of anything. And this one is worth any amount of effort it takes to see it. The message is nice as well for my girl, a 10-year-old heading to 6th grade (middle school here). The message about popularity and cliques and the effect those things can have on people is extremely timely.

A good time was had by all!


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