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Paperwork! Oy vay.

on June 8, 2012

There is a second file box below this one, and just as organized 🙂

I have spent half the morning working through paper and filing things. Just things? You know, the usual. Old bills, health care receipts, things from the kids’ schools, IRA and 401K statements.

Why has this taken me so long? Because I hadn’t done it for months. I would simply pile the papers on top of the file box. When I needed something that was actually filed, I’d move everything and get what I needed, then place the pile of paperwork back on top. Lazy!

I kind of wonder why we still have so much paper in this digital age. I suppose I have quite a bit less than I previously had. For example, I no longer get banks statements in the mail (and thank goodness because those are pages and pages long) and I no longer get most bills. I do still get the utility bill from my county and a few miscellaneous bills in paper form (like those dang medical bills) but most bills are delivered electronically or I go to the website to look at the bill and pay (such as my gas and electric bills).

So why so much paper?! Now that I think about it, it’s kind of driving me crazy. I am so happy I spent all this time today organizing, but I recognize that it’s not going to last long. Let’s be real. More paper will arrive, I’ll start piling it up again and in a few weeks, I’ll have to do this all over again.


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